Shakti Coloring Book


290 ポイント還元


シャクティという言葉は、宇宙全体を動かす根源の力を意味します。本書の著者であるEkabhumi Charles Ellikは、それを「命の動力源」と呼びます。シャクティは、誰しもが持つ普遍的な美徳と生きるエネルギーを象徴する女神によってあらわされます。




List of Goddess for Coloring
Notes to the reader
Foreword by Sally Kempton

Part 1 : Recognizing Shakti
What is Shakti? Or Who?
Swords, Books, and Lotuses: The Goddess’ Attributes
Ornamentation: The Power of Beauty
Mandalas: Sacred Circles
Yantras: Realization Devices
Geometry: Vocabulary of Reality
Choosing Colors Mindfully

Part 2: Embodying Shakti
Sacred Art: A Yogic Method
Preparing Ourselves: Transforming Personal circumstance into a Mandala of Realization
Virtue Cultivation: Spiritual Practice in Daily Life
Flavors of Life:

Part 3: Coloring Shakti
Getting Started
Sacred Art Basics
Coloring Mediums and Tips

Part 4: Manifesting Shakti
A Step by Step Guide for Creating a Five Elements Yantra
Overview of the Practice
Tools and Materials
The Steps

Epilogue; Lakshmi’s Gift
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms
Resources and References
About the Author

著者:Ekabhumi Charles Ellik
出版社:Sounds True Inc; Clr Csm edition (1 July 2015)
言語: 英語
商品サイズ: 27.3 x 1.9 x 25.7 cm